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You can passively enjoy good health, but there’s no guarantee it won’t slip away. If you want to be proactive about maintaining your well-being, talk to Sophia Rahman, MD, about the preventive medicine she offers to her patients in Stonewood Park and the surrounding Plano, Texas, area. With this care, she helps you stay healthy for the long term. Get started with preventive medicine by calling her office or scheduling your appointment online.

Preventative Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

When you think of medicine, you probably think of treatments applied to existing conditions with the goal of curing them or moderating their symptoms. But preventive medicine is care Dr. Rahman uses even when no conditions are present yet with the goal of preventing health challenges in the present and future. 

Your annual physical is a perfect example of preventive medicine. You don’t visit your doctor once a year because you have something specific they need to treat. Instead, you get this annual checkup so Dr. Rahman has the opportunity to thoroughly check your body for any abnormalities.

In this way, she can catch issues when they’re in their earliest phases before they’ve had the chance to develop and spread. And catching conditions in this stage means treating them is significantly more effective and generally less invasive. 

What does preventive medicine include?

Dr. Rahman personalizes your preventive medicine to you. If you have a family history of a certain condition, for example, she regularly screens you for it. She also offers vaccinations and cancer screenings based on your specific risk factors to defend you against a wide range of conditions. 

Your annual physical is a regular check-in with Dr. Rahman, but she’s available to provide preventive care whenever you want or need it. If you have a question about something you’ve been experiencing recently, don’t hesitate to contact her. Again, catching conditions in their earliest phases are the best way to ensure their impact on your body — and your life — is minimal.

Preventive medicine can also include care that helps you reach your lifestyle goals. For example, Dr. Rahman offers oral contraceptive counseling so you don’t get pregnant until you’re ready.

Who should get preventive care?

If you have a personal or family history of cancer or any other health condition, preventive medicine is especially important. But even if you have a clean bill of health and don’t have any concerning genetic predispositions, you can still benefit from preventive medicine.

Not only does this type of care ensure you’re being proactive about your health, but it also delivers peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing you’re regularly taking steps to protect your health.

Get started with preventive medicine by calling Sophia Rahman, MD, or booking your appointment online.