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Sophia Rahman, MD

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Living with a chronic disease is hard. But finding the right doctor can make all the difference. If you want someone to collaborate with you, helping you get the care and treatments you need to minimize the way your condition affects your life, look no further than Sophia Rahman, MD. At her office in Stonewood Park in Plano, Texas, she serves patients with a wide range of chronic diseases. Call the office or schedule your appointment online to get started.

Chronic Diseases Q & A

What kind of chronic diseases can be treated?

At Sophia Rahman, MD, the doctor and her dedicated team strive to offer each patient top-tier, personalized care, regardless of which condition is affecting their body. Whether you’re living with one of the most common chronic diseases or your condition is extremely rare, they take the time to understand how your disease impacts your body and your life. That way, they’re able to tailor a treatment that best serves you. 

Some of the common chronic diseases Dr. Rahman treats include:

  • High blood pressure 
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Lung disease
  • Asthma 
  • Thyroid conditions

What should I expect from my treatment?

First things first, if you already have a diagnosis, Dr. Rahman confirms it. If your condition hasn’t yet been identified, she works with you to get a diagnosis so you can start on your journey towards finding the right treatment to manage your chronic disease. 

Dr. Rahman believes that your relationship with her should be one of collaboration. She won’t just prescribe a treatment and leave you to deal with the administration and possible side effects on your own. Instead, she works closely with you, helping you find the treatments that work best for your body. And because she has an in-house lab, she includes blood work in this process, if appropriate, ensuring you’re as informed as possible about the way your treatment is affecting your health. 

As an expert in hormone counseling and medication management, Dr. Rahman is here to help you explore new treatment options while minimizing side effects. She helps you manage your dosage and find the right solution for your specific condition. 

How does treatment for chronic diseases work?

Because you’re living with a chronic disease, the goal of your treatment is not to cure you, but to minimize the way your condition affects your day-to-day life. To that end, Dr. Rahman partners with you for the long term to help you get the ongoing care and treatment you need.

She also knows that some chronic diseases come with flare-ups or instances where you’ll need more than your usual treatment. That’s why she offers same-day appointments for all of your acute care needs. 

For a partner dedicated to helping you manage your chronic disease, call Sophia Rahman, MD, or book your appointment with her online.