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Annual physicals are one of the best things you can do for your long-term health. Pay a yearly visit to Sophia Rahman, MD, in Stonewood Park in Plano, Texas, and you’re taking a preventive measure that helps catch conditions early and encourages choices that keep you in good health. Schedule your annual physical by calling the office or booking your visit online.

Annual Physicals Q & A

Who needs annual physicals?

Every person — regardless of their age, sex, occupation, or any other factors — should visit their doctor for a physical once a year. Getting your annual physical is much more than just ticking a box on your to-do list. It’s a powerful preventive tool you can leverage to defend yourself against serious health issues. 

When you visit Dr. Rahman once a year, you give her the opportunity to check your overall health. You talk with her about any changes you’ve experienced in your body and discuss any concerns you have. She also physically examines your body and may suggest screenings and blood work. This comprehensive approach enables her to catch any conditions early when they’re easiest to treat. 

In other words, your annual physical ensures that a condition isn’t impacting your body, progressing unnoticed, and compromising your long-term health. 

What does an annual physical include?

During your physical, you and Dr. Rahman talk about your health so you can keep her up to date on any changes you’ve experienced. She then performs a thorough physical examination. This includes screening for any conditions for which you’re at risk based on your age, sex, and other factors. 

She also includes blood work in every physical to make sure anything that could be affecting your health is discovered. And because she has an in-house lab, you can have the blood drawn during your appointment. 

What should I expect during my annual physical?

Meeting with Dr. Rahman on an annual basis gives you the opportunity to review your health and wellness goals with her. She prioritizes collaboration in the doctor-patient relationship. While she’s always available to answer any questions you have via email or her digital portal, some conversations are easiest to have face to face. 

During your physical, you can talk with Dr. Rahman about your health and wellness goals and any challenges you’re facing. Then she works with you to help you make the right choices for your body and your goals, whether that’s changing what you eat, how much you’re sleep or exercise, or another aspect of your lifestyle. 

Protect your health and get support for your wellness goals by scheduling your annual physical today. Call Sophia Rahman, MD, or book your appointment online.